Sunday, March 08, 2009

Episode #34 "The Do-gooder"

"The sincere person does the right thing without trying, understands the truth without thinking, and acts always in keeping with the Tao." from the "Tao Te Ching."
Music is, in order of appearance, "Bell Carol Blue" and "What Child is This", both by Jimmie Bratcher, and then "What Child is This" by Mario Ajero. All music is available at
Thank you Jimmie, Mario, and thank you especially, dear listener, for your patience with this episode.
Alternate title: "Hello, my name is Sean".
Alternate quotation: "...the selfish self: its love is assumed, pretensive, and dutiful; its righteousness is hypocritical...its spiritual ideals are highbrow ways of inflating the ego...and its beneficence has an odd way of arousing resentment in its receipients." from Alan Watts.

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